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We make sure
that you are comfortable
and stay focussed at work

Our PPE Kits are designed and manufactured on highest standards
of Protection , Comfort and Breathability


This is the foremost function of a coverall or any protective apparel. We have ensured that our fabrics and their construction provide protection to the wearer according to their needs in their respective jobs. Frontline health workers are encouraged to use coveralls with tape for added protection against pathogens.


We ensure that all fabrics used in the production of coveralls are comfortable to wear and can be worn without irritation or stiffness for extended periods of time. Reusable coveralls are made with fabrics that can be reused without any discomfort on repeated use.


Breathability in coveralls determines the wearer’s ability to maintain thermal comfort. Body heat can get trapped inside garments causing the wearer to feel hot and uncomfortable. Our coveralls are made with fabrics that allow body heat to escape keeping the wearer comfortable.